Useful Companies.

A list that hopefully will help us locate all the things we need to make The Elms into our home.

1. Linge Roset makers of beech wood and glass table for breakfast room and matching chairs. Suppliers Morgan and Gilder.

2. Richard Burbidge suppliers of architectural mouldings, stair balustrading, wooden flooring, decking etc. Fax 01691 657694 or Phone 01691 655131.

3. Jour et Nuit. Bedroom furniture makers. Need phone details from Nick R.

4. Roca Bathrooms

5. Flipside Creative Ironwork. Candle sconces etc. Fax 01295 812125 or Tel.01295 812125

6. Avanti Tiles

7. Kitchen Design at Wakefield Farm for granite, marble etc.

8. Reclamation people are Rococco, A5 left at Weedon, turn right at crossroads, under tunnel, pass pub, and itís on right. There are several other places in Weedon also.

9. Rec. yard off of Clare St. Northampton.

10. Brackley Antiques cellar.

11. Dave Helens friend may be commissioned for candle sconces too

12. Manorhouse Stone Fireplaces Tel.01530 262999

13.Bergeres and Chairs nice man at CMK selling 1900 to 1940ís chairs Michael Tel.01474 813445.

14. Kitchen comes from Magnet in Northampton, half price sales in January.