Rooms in The Elms.

The Hall.

The Hall is at present used as a dining room, the floor is parquet and the walls, ceiling and staircase are in white and pink. Our thoughts are to remove the paint from the staircase and wax or varnish instead. The walls can be freshened up in possibly white again. We intend using the hall as a computer room cum study. The parquet flooring will of course stay.

The Living Room.

The Living room is beautiful with intricate architraving and coving with lovely stone mullioned windows. This is again painted in pink and white with blue. The floor is parquet and will stay unchanged.  We are undecided so far on other changes in this room. We intend finding a different fireplace preferably an original Victorian design, possibly oak or white plaster to match the beam supports. The architraving poses a problem as to whether we strip it back to wood or leave the colours as we have grown to like them. The walls will be freshened up in white again. Andrew intends writing a programme that will hold and play the music of our choice.

The Kitchen / Breakfast Room and the Second Living Room.

These are at present a kitchen / breakfast room, a second sitting room and a corridor housed in which was originally the billiard room. Our plan is to open them up into one room again, gaining much more space and light. The kitchen / breakfast area will stay basically the same, although we intend changing the kitchen work surfaces to something more in our taste. We are toying with maybe using glass to create a partition between this area and the former second sitting room / corridor as we intend to use this as our dining room. It is so much closer to the kitchen than in the present room layout.

The Second Bathroom.

This is well planned and perfectly adequate as a guest bathroom, fitted with a power shower etc. We have no immediate plans for this room.

Bedroom One.

This is a large airy room at the front of the house, which has a chimney so must have had a fire when the house was built. We are dithering over what to do with this room. At first we thought of leaving it as just a guest room, but as we don�t really want a television etc. in the main living room, we are now considering turning it into an A V room which would be used far more often than a spare bedroom, although it would be commissioned for this purpose if friends stay too.

Bedrooms Two and Three and the Dressing Area and First Bathroom.

Again this was originally all one room, so we intend ripping out all the false walls to make a spacious and light filled en suite at the back of the house overlooking the lovely garden, for ourselves. We are considering using frosted glass here to partition the bathroom from the bedroom without building it high enough to interfere with the lovely original coving, which is still there behind the fitted wardrobes etc. There was once a fireplace in what is bedroom three, we intend locating this with a view to renovating or replacing it.

 The Garage.

This at present does duty as a workshop, wine cellar and utility room too. Our ideas so far on this are to leave the wine cellar in place, then move the plumbing for the utility area over to where the workshop is at present, leaving the rest of this area free to become a proper garage again. Our surveyor has said that the electrics in the garage need replacing. The only other problem he has found is the damp proofing around the outside of the house.

 The Garden.

This is an area of quarter of an acre, with two sets of stairs so that the garden is three tiered, it is well planted with shrubs and trees. We intend just watching it through the seasons, taking photos as reminders then after a year of looking we can make any changes we think may improve it. We have found a book on Arts and Crafts Gardens that we intend buying a copy of so that any changes we make will hopefully be in keeping! Nick and Jenn have bought us a lovely yellow Broome just in bud to plant in the garden � a lovely pressie, and in keeping, as they are Broomes too!