8th July 2003
The first kitten has opened his eyes which are bright blue like his parents'. They are growing very well now and Mischief is leaving them for short periods of time to have some peace and quiet in the garden. Mayhem does go to visit and helps wash the babies etc. but like most fathers he leaves Mischief to do almost everything!
Now that her kittens are beginning to see and are crawling slowly around the basket Mischief has decided that it is time to move them. She has inadvertently sat on them a couple of times and has been very upset when they squeal for mercy. Having patrolled the house she has found downstairs to be wanting, as Strange Monkeys appear without warning and there are Noisy Things bound to disturb sleepy babies. She has examined every corner upstairs and the final decision is that the window seat in our bedroom is the only suitable place.
Andrew dared to disagree and brought the kittens downstairs in case they rolled off the seat, but Mischief was having none of his interference and determinedly carried them back upstairs. So we as the "grandparents" get to share the sleepless nights for a while longer.

11th July
All the kittens have their little blue eyes open now and can certainly hear things too, when Mischief comes up to feed them she makes a loud purring noise to let them know that she has returned. Their answering squeals are instant and amazingly noisy!! They are settled happily on the window seat on their blanket. Mischief pulls the curtain round them and we have taken to tucking it under the blanket so that they can't roll over the edge. Our spare duvet is rolled up on the floor at the edge of the seat to provide cushioning if they should tumble.
The kittens with white paws and vests {these are the 1st and 5th born} plus one all grey appear to be boys, so we have two little grey girls.

Laura's nose

Mum feeding on the window seat

Mum and sibling

Double take



Big yawn


Yoda and Chai

The triplets

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