21st July.
The kittens are definitely developing their own characters now and grow cuter and sweeter by the day! They are beginning to look like kittens now instead of ultra cute teddy bears. They totter around and are still very wobbly. We've nicknamed Stevo's kitten Yoda as he waggles his ears in precisely the same way, sometimes in perfect timing with each suck as he is feeding, which is absolutely hilarious to watch. Not as yet to managed to record him doing it!
The worst night sleep since the kittens were born, plus two or three kittens a day launching themselves off of the window seat at high speed have made us decide to take matters into our own hands and move the babies downstairs. We have cleared a double kitchen cupboard and taken a door off on one side only to ensure fresh air and privacy. The kittens are safely ensconced on their favourite blanket at the back of said cupboard, This idea seems to have met with the approval of Mischief who was also beginning to worry about her children taking to abseiling at such a tender age.
So far so good, Mischief usually eats her meals on the work surface above her babies new bedroom and her favourite cushion is by the window there too. An added advantage is that she can hear them squeak if she is out in the garden so doesn't have to rush upstairs to check on them every half hour anymore. I think we are sorted!!

22nd July.
Andrew phoned me this evening to announce that one of the kittens has four teeth and has bitten him!

26th July.
All the kittens have almost a full set of teeth now and their ears are standing up! One of the girls decided to try the chicken kitten food we put down for them. She snaffled it joyfully but the others just turned up their noses and went off to play.
They are such good fun, they still waddle when they walk and occasionally trip and go head over heels. They come out of the cupboard to play as soon as they hear Andrew or I. They seem to enjoy having their tummies tickled and roll over to play. They can clamber back into the cupboard unaided too, though not always on the first attempt, and definitely not always when Mum calls them in to feed them!
Their characters are developing well, Chai Son {a Thai name meaning Mischievous son, very apt, and pronounced Chi Soon} loves to play and pounces at waving fingers and at his siblings, he loves cuddles and enjoys climbing into my hair so is a real mixture of his parents.
"Explorer" explores of course, he is the first out of the cupboard and usually the last back in. He loves a bit of rough and tumble but will fight back and dig his claws in when playing. He loves to chase and pounce at fingers and is capable of giving you a bite that you notice instead of just gnawing. He purrs the loudest when you cuddle him too, he is definitely the most like Mayhem.
"Yoda" loves to play and pounces on the others. He will sometimes prefers to sit back and just watch. Sometimes when he is sitting on his own he does little silent meows which make you want to cuddle and protect him.
The girls Enya { Celtic name she and Chai Son are going to live with Fiona and Jane} and "Sad Eyes" are difficult to tell apart. If Sad Eyes is looking all huge eyed and piteous and does the silent meows we know that Enya is the other one. The rest of the time we can't tell them apart. One has taken to chicken. One does a mad sideways crab walk. One tries to climb the inside of the cupboard or burrow her way out of the corner. One sits in the cupboard watching the others out playing with her tiny head cocked to one side. Both girls like playing with our hair and snuggling into it.
But who is doing what and when? We can never be quite sure!

Yoda explores the cupboard

Patient Mischief

A grey with Chai

Brother (or sister) and sister

Yoda enjoys the sun

First time out

Mini Mayhem

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