4th August.
One of the babies weed on the carpet on Saturday, so we cleaned up and put a litter tray in that corner. They are all now using the litter tray, so are quick to learn - no more puddles!
Today Andrew noticed that Chai and one of the girls eyes seem to be changing colour. They are such fun playing all day. Yoda loves the long mouse toy and drags it around. One of the girls loves a little ball with a bell in it and plays football happily. Chai and Yoda both love the ball on a spring and bounce it at each other. Yoda also loves the orange ping pong ball and plays football happily too. All the kittens climb up the scratch pole and take turns sitting on top being king of the castle. They can all climb over the barrier we put up to prevent them being in the kitchen area. By next week I think that they will be exploring the whole house.

18th August.
A while since I updated the diary! The babies are growing up, they are such fun and we spend a lot of time watching them play and playing with them. They are all eating kitten food except Yoda, who still relies totally on his Mum. She is feeding all of them 3 - 4 times a day still, though Yoda needs more of course so she spends extra time with him.
We have had no puddles they have taken to the litter trays very well. Mischief still washes them occasionally but they mainly wash themselves and each other now. They are really clean little cats.
We can see so many of their parents traits in them in the way they play, move, facial expressions etc. Yoda, Chai and both girls have grey eyes now, we think they will turn green like Mischief's. Explorer's eyes are still deep blue.
All the greys have a fur line down their chest and tummies like Mayhem, they all love playing "stick" too.
This morning when I came downstairs they spent 20 minutes madly galloping around the entire bottom floor of the house, perhaps we should enter them for the Grand National? The barrier to keep them in the breakfast room area has long gone as they just scrambled up and over it!
They all still curl up in a heap together to sleep in their cupboard at night, although their favourite place for naps during the day is behind the settee in the study where Andrew is working.
I can't see how people can possibly give kittens away at 6 weeks and assume that they are fine. Ours are 7 weeks old today and are still so dependant on their Mum. Mischief would pine dreadfully too as she still won't leave them for longer than half an hour at a time and then it's usually while they are sleeping.

Quiet Girl's favorite spot


All the kittens invade Quiet Girl's place

Yin and Yang

In the garden

Walls are no problem

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3rd September

Today we had an expedition to the vet at Towcester to have the kittens first injections, they have all had a thorough examination too and are pronounced fit and well. All five fit into one cat basket and it was fun trying to sort out who was who for the injections.

19th September

Mischief went to be spayed today as she is beginning to go further field now that the babies are growing up. We have decided to take no chances on her getting pregnant again. She seems fine and is recovering well.

26th September

Today we took the kittens for their second course of injections, they will be leaving us soon and we will miss them dreadfully! They gallop around the house constantly and sound like a herd of elephants thundering up and down the stairs. They are all so affectionate and loveable and far too cute.

28th September

Today is D day - Yoda and mad girl are first to leave us! We took them over to Andrew's parent's this afternoon. They seemed happy to be in a new place and enjoyed exploring the house and all the attention being given to them, and of course they know Carole and Peter fairly well now. Mad girl has a name now she is Kayko, which really suits her. We both felt really emotional about leaving them though, and she suddenly realized that we were going and climbed back into the cat basket crying to come with us. We left and of course she has settled but we could so easily have cuddled her and Yoda all the way home again! Cat breeders must have no souls! I could never do this on a regular basis, it feels like I am giving away my own babies. Mischief is looking for the two that have gone and the thundering hooves are far too quiet.

4th October

My sister Fiona and Jane have come to collect Chai and Enya. Had a really lovely day with them, but so sad to see the babies leaving, we waved them goodbye and now there is one. This kitten, the male grey we nicknamed the Little Explorer is going to stay with us! He is so affectionate and we can't bring ourselves to give him away on his own. We have named him Kwanjai which means sweetheart in Thai. We will still see all the kittens and will update the diary with teenagers progress.